Lasercharge Trip to Athens

Mar 15, 2018

Strong on creating new traditions, Lasercharge has organized a company-wide, 3-day trip to Athens which took place on 9 March 2018.


The trip takes place for the third consecutive year and is organized by management as a practical recognition of the efforts of the personnel during the year. The aim is of course to be entertained but also to get the opportunity to bond and exchange ideas away from the office environment.

During the trip, the management and staff of Lasercharge had the opportunity to relax and have a great time together, away from the pressure of everyday work life. It is an opportunity to recharge their batteries and get ready for the new challenges that Lasercharge is facing for 2018.

Once again, we created memories for a lifetime and bonded even more as a team. We are now ready for new successes for each and every one of us as well as our company.